Monday, January 1, 2007

Unable to view link files in Final Cut Pro

Q. When I try to open a link file created by Raylight, Final Cut Pro appears to hang. Some symptoms:
  • FCP displays "searching for data in [filename]"
  • FCP appears to hang with a spinning beachball
A. This is usually a case of the original MXF files no longer being available. The link file requires that the original MXF file is available at the location when the link file was created. This can occur if one of the following is true:
  • The original MXF files have moved
  • The volume name where the MXF files reside has changed
  • The volume where the MXF file resides is offline or not connected
  • The folder name where the MFX files reside has changed.
If you have Quicktime Pro you can verify the path of the MXF file which the link file is using:
  • Launch Quicktime Pro
  • Load a Quicktime link file created by Raylight
  • From the menu, select Window...View Movie Properties
  • Select the Resources Tab
  • Review the path of the original .MXF file and make sure it is accessible at that location
If necessary, delete your link files and rescan.

If you have FCP set to load the last project and it is taking a very long time to load due to it trying to search for missing MXF files, you might want to move or clear the FCP preferences to allow you to start FCP. THIS post provides help in clearing FCP preferences.

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