Thursday, August 16, 2007

P2 Maker for Mac

In a few weeks, Raylight/Mac will be extended to support the authoring of P2 Cards from FCP. You will export a quicktime from FCP, and when it's finished, the P2 Maker "Drawer" (see screen grab here ) will open and allow you to create the P2 card with the movie clip on it.

This feature is planned for Raylight/Mac 2.0 and will be a free upgrade to all users!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bug Release 1.07

Version 1.07 has been released, which introduces no new features but corrects a few problems with previous releases:

  • Background scanning no longer logs diagnostic messages to the front panel. This was done to improve the reliability of background scanning and reduce usage of system resources. If a situation arises where is is necessary to view the diagnostic messages, it can be done with the "Scan Once" button.
  • A problem was fixed with incorrect length of the audio tracks.
  • The diagnostic window is always scrolled to the bottom after an option button is pressed or a scan is completed.
  • The default options have been changed, so that the defaults for "User Clip Name", "Program Name" and "Store links with MXF Files" are now off. The reason for this is that these options can confuse new users of the program until they understand more about them. The defaults can be overriden by saving your own default options with "Save Options".