Monday, December 21, 2009

Raylight MXFX 2 Released

MXFX 2 has been released, a major revision of the MXFX program
with literally hundreds of new conversions possible. AVC-Intra is
supported for pulldown removal and you can convert AVC-Intra to
other HD and even to SD formats. New features include:

- Pulldown removal for HPG-20 AVC-Intra MXF files
- Add pulldown from any AVC-Intra MXF file
- Can create a full P2 Contents folder from a bare MXF file
- Conversion from all AVC-Intra formats to DVCPROHD or other formats
- SD to HD and HD to SD conversion
- 24P to 25P as well as 25P to 24P (or NTSC) conversion

for more info go to

If you are a registered purchaser of the old MXFX for Windows, you
may be able to purchase MXFX 2 and recieve a rebate,

The old MXFX will continue to be supported.

The Mac version of MXFX 2 is coming, but is not released yet.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Raylight Ultra with AVC-Intra

Try the new Raylight Ultra 1.2 Beta release with new native, AVC-intra support.

You must be a registered purchaser of Raylight Ultra to get the download.

New features include
1) native AVC-Intra support for P2 Cards.
2) automatic built-in generation of proxies for AVC-Intra real time playback.
3) optional 10-bit YUV mode for better image quality
4) automatic switching between proxy and original files
5) UserClipName metadata appears in the status bar of the Vegas explorer.

Presently works only with Vista 32, XP 32, and Vegas 9.0. RayMaker does not yet support AVC-Intra.

Do not use this software to start an important new project. There are known and unknown issues with the software. Use at your own risk! Some of the known issues are listed in the email that you will get with the update.

Report problems or suggestions to DVFilm Support, go to, click on Support and then Support Request.

Here is the link to get the update:

A sample AVC-Intra P2 clip (24 MB zip file) is available at