Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Epic I 64-bit Beta Released (Version 1.1)

For registered purchasers of DVFilm Epic I, the 64-bit plugin for Sony Vegas 9 is now available. Go to

to get the download for release 1.1.

New features/differences in Epic 1.1:

1. Plug-in now works with Vegas 9 64-bit as well as 32.
2. New user interface with tabs and "Info" button
3. The proxy burn-in feature has been combined with the "Mark Frame Red" feature
4. The folder with the real-time files is now called "EPIC" by default.
5. New "computer RGB" option: high-contrast video for online content
6. Manual/Automatic control of Epic Red mode is now selectable

Note that the proxy subfolders are now called EPIC however it is not neccessary to rename your PROXY subfolders to EPIC, Epic 1.1 will look in both folders if required for backward compatibility.