Saturday, May 28, 2011

How Many Times Can I Activate?

DVFilm puts limits on the number of times you can activate our software. The limits are to prevent software piracy. However if you are a purchaser, you can always get more activations, if needed, as long as you follow the terms of the license agreement.

Preserving Activations

If you write down the activation code for each computer, or save the activation code emails from our server, you can reduce the number of activations you need from us. The activation code can be used over and over again as long as the computer motherboard is not changed. Installing or rebuilding the operating system or other software does not force you to use a new activation code.

Getting More Activations

If you have only one license, the automatic activation page at, or the activation dialog in your DVFilm software, will still allow you to request up to 6 activations if you have only one license. It does warn you that you cannot install the software on more than 2 computers, but it will still give you a new code up to 6 times. If you go over six, then you will have to contact DVFilm Support at

What to Expect if You Have to Get Activations from DVFilm Support

When customers request more activations from us, we look at the activation history that is logged to our server. If it looks like you are activating the software on multiple computers within a short period of time, we may ask that you purchase more licenses. Sometimes we can provide those extra licenses at a discount. Or if the extra activations were done on the same computer, we will reset your activation count and let you know. Generally, though, we will reset the count no more than once per year.

If You Own Multiple Licenses

If you own multiple licenses from us, we can either provide multiple serial numbers or raise the number of activations allowed per serial number. Contact DVFilm Support if you need that done.

Can I "De-Activate" Software?

No. There is no way to do that right now. Use another activation as required to move the software from one computer to another.