Friday, April 25, 2008

Raylight Mac 2.08

Raylight Mac version 2.08 has been released.
Get the update Here

What is new in 2.08
  • The Scan Volumes option has been renamed Scan Removable Media.
  • A delete button was added to allow you to remove items in the Other Scan Locations list. The delete key also works for deleting the selected item.
  • A 64 GB option was added to the P2 Options for the Card Size.
  • Bug Fix: When the Activation window displays and the serial number had been entered previously and saved in options.txt, the serial number appeared backwards.
  • Bug Fix: The System ID may change on some computers and cause the activation screen to pop up.
  • Bug Fix: In some cases, the default hard drive was being inadvertently scanned when "Scan Removable Media" was selected. This could cause a long delay and it would appear that Raylight was hung up.
  • Bug Fix: Remove pulldown was not working if the default Target Frame Rate of 23.976 was used without ever having clicked on the choices for Target Frame Rate.
  • Bug Fix: P2 card creation was not working on the PPC architecture.
  • Bug Fix: P2 card creation was not handling write failures properly (locked destination folder).
  • Other minor fixes.