Thursday, November 22, 2007

Raylight for Mac 2.06

Raylight/Mac is now up to release 2.06. This release fixes a number of bugs. They are:

1. P2 Maker now automatically removes the file lock on LASTCLIP.TXT when you are writing directly to a P2 Card.

2. P2 Maker now writes continuous timecode into the video streams for all formats.

3. Fixed a problem with scanning DV-NTSC MXF files.

4. Fixed a problem where changing the quicktime folder where P2 Maker looks for quicktimes would cause the application to crash.

5. Fixed a problem where running the application out of a disk image or external drive would cause playback problems with link files made from MXF files on the system drive.

6. Fixed a problem where the "Store links with MXF files" option was ignored when scanning a folder in "More Scan Locations" which contained multiple card images.