Monday, October 24, 2011

Update for DVFilm Maker and Atlantis for Windows

DVFilm Maker and Atlantis have been updated with new
installation programs. There are no major functional changes to
the programs themselves, however the new installer makes
installation and activation easier.

Play back and decoding of MXF files is quicker now and compatible
with systems having more than 8 cpus.

Maker and Atlantis now handle DVCPRO50 MXF files correctly
and use the Raylight codec to decode them.

A bug was fixed in batch processing of VOB or MPEG-2 files.

Installation now works with systems using Windows 7 and UAC
(User Account Control).

The new version of Maker is 2.4.5 and Atlantis is 2.1.9.

The updates are available at

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lion OSX 7 Quicktime 10 & Raylight for Mac

The reference link files created by Raylight for Mac 3 on Lion OSX 7, do not play correctly in Quicktime X (10) . This does not affect using the Raylight for Mac link files with Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier.

Please use Quicktime 7 for viewing the files. If you need to download QT7 for Lion, go here: