Friday, February 8, 2008

Raylight Mac 2.07

This update primarily contains User Interface improvements and adds some options for controlling how scanning for files is done. Get it HERE

Here is a complete list of what is new:
  • A new options drawer has been added to store and organize all options related to MXF conversion.
  • An option has been added to allow you to bring back the display of the Quick Start Guide on startup.
  • The option Store Links In Root Of Card Images has been added allowing links to be stored at the same level as the CONTENTS folder.
  • More Scan Locations has been renamed Other Scan Locations and reimplemented as a list of folders.
  • You can now add a folder to the Other Scan Locations using a standard folder select window.
  • Scanning all mounted volumes is now an option and can be turned off.
  • You may now exclude folder names or volume names of a certain name. These are not complete paths but a SINGLE folder name such as BACKUPS or ARCHIVE
  • All configurable options are now being saved.
  • All subfolders of mounted volumes and Other Scan Locations are scanned. With the addition of the new options not to scan mounted volumes, and the ability to exclude certain folders, users should have complete control of where they want to store their P2 images.
  • The main Raylight window is now a drag target for folders to add to the Other Scan Locations, or for individual quicktime files to be converted to P2 card images. Folders can also be dragged to the MXF Options drawer.
  • The output window is now a collapsible window which you can choose to display or not display.
  • Messages to the output window now display immediately rather than after a scan is done.
  • The output window now displays information text during background scanning. Previously only a manual scan would output information to the window.
  • You can now select a quicktime for P2 conversion using a standard file open window.
  • A progress icon has been added to the main window which animates whenever a scan is in progress.
  • The Scan Now button is disabled when background scanning is enabled.
  • A skip button has been added to the quicktime to P2 conversion options. Pressing it will skip the currently discovered file and allow the next file to be discovered (if background scanning is enabled). Skipping marks a file as being processed so that it does not get rediscovered.