Monday, February 23, 2009

Raylight Ultra Released

Raylight Ultra 1.0 was released today. Ultra replaces the original DVFilm Raylight product. It has faster rendering than the old Raylight and mostly eliminates the need to switch between quality modes. It also allows you to import 4 audio tracks into Sony Vegas and allows you to view P2 metadata in the Vegas timeline. The Vegas plugin requires Windows XP (32) or Vista (32) and Sony Vegas 8.0. For more info go to

Users of DVFilm Raylight can upgrade to Ultra right now for a special price of only $50.

Looking ahead in the near future we hope to update Ultra for Vista 64 and Sony Vegas 8.1. That feature as well as direct AVC-Intra editing in Vegas will be coming soon as free updates to Ultra.

DVFilm Raylight will continue to be supported, but there will be no more bug fixes for it and we recommend you use Ultra for all new projects.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Raylight For Windows Update 3.1.10 Released

This update for Raylight has a newer version for the Adobe Premier plugin. If you do not use this plugin, then you do not need to update.

Current customers can request the free update here.