Monday, May 12, 2008

Introducing Raylight MXFX 1.06 for Mac

Raylight MXFX for Mac has been released.

For details, visit the Raylight MXFX page.

There is a free demo you can download and try before buying.

Raylight MXFX is a general purpose Panasonic-MXF file converter.
Some of the things it can do:
  1. Converts MXF files to MXF files, P2 Cards to P2 Cards, preserves metadata
  2. Removes or adds pulldown of all kinds
  3. Resizes between 720 and 1080-line formats
  4. 25P to 23.976 (or NTSC) conversion
  5. Rotate image from 35mm adaptors without recompression
  6. Grain reduction: reduce grain by up to 50% in static areas of the screen

Raylight Windows 301-7 Update available

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