Monday, January 1, 2007

Serial Numbers, System IDs, and Activation

When you purchase one of our software products, we do not email you the product serial number. We add an entry in our databases with the email address you provided during the order process. This email address is very important and you must remember it.

At the end of the order process, we provide a link where you can download the software. Keep a copy of the downloaded software in a safe place, once you have downloaded it. You can also request the latest version of the software here:

The software will display an activation dialog the first time it is run on a new computer. A unique System ID will be displayed identifying the computer. The System ID is generated by our software and cannot be edited or changed. You must provide your serial number for the software, and an activation code, in order to satisfy the activation dialog and be allowed to use the software.

With some of our products, a button is provided on the installer activation dialog to request the serial number be emailed to you.

Or, you can have your Serial Number emailed to you by filling out this form:

On some products, a button is displayed to automatically request and fill in the activation code ("Request Activation Code"). On others. the activation dialog includes a button that will take you to the activation page: where you can generate an Activation Code for your specific computer, identified by the System ID you provide.

Once the activation code is filled in, press "Activate."

In Summary:
  1. Place your order online
  2. Download the software using the link provided on the order screen (or request the software HERE)
  3. Fill out THIS form to request that your Serial Number be emailed to you.
  4. Run the software on your computer and follow the instructions that appear in the activation dialog.
  5. Obtain an Activation Code by filling out THIS form.
  6. Store your Serial Number and Activation Code in a safe space.
  7. Enter your Serial Number and Activation Code in the Activation dialog
  8. You can now run your software without interruption.
Activating a System that is Offline

The procedure for activating a system that is offline is the same, however you must write down on paper the

  1. system ID, using numbers 0-9 and letters A-F,
  2. the serial number, using letters A-Z, and
  3. the activation code, using numbers 0-9 and letters A-F.


S Holmes said...
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S Holmes said...

Q: What if I need to activate the software again, or on another computer?

A: Run the software on the computer you wish to use. Write down or copy the system ID. Request a new activation code at

You can activate the software 6 times before having to contact DVFilm. Keep in mind the software license does not allow installation on more that 2 systems per license. Contact DVFilm Sales if you need more licenses.